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Who has a terrace, has a treasure ...

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

If your property has a terrace, you are a lucky person. It does not matter the size (especially now, in times of quarantine), as when it comes to choosing a property this feature could be a no brainer for some people. The rest of elements will be secondary, but for 7 out of 10 people in Spain it is an essential feature. However, sometimes terraces end up being a forgotten space used as a storage rooms, although with the present quarantine and the nice spring weather over our heads it is a great moment to consider a reconditioning for enjoyment. Redecorating a terrace is more affordable than you might think and with little investment one can achieve a stylish space. Forget about the size, there are solutions for even the smallest spaces:

- The first thing to do is to clearly define the space and decide its use: a space for relaxing and enjoy or a storage room (as many examples that can be spotted from the street). The most important is to create a sensation of breathing space by freeing every inch possible of floor or wall and protect it from the sun and neighbor's eyes by using sunshades or pergolas. All with the aim of achieving a combination that matches with the rest of the house and to provide comfort and style.

- Free the central area and reduce the number of furniture and accessories. Place them close to walls for creating the sensation of bigger room. For smaller spaces it is advisable to use just the right amount of furniture, pieces that are proportional to the space and if possible double function (folding chairs and tables, etc…), made with light materials and weather resistant.

- Take advantage of naked wall or rails and decorate them. The most effective way to bring freshness to your balcony or terrace is by using plants. Hang some exterior species easy to look after, with nice fragrances and bright colors, or even install a mini urban vegetable patch or a vertical garden. Combine all with artificial grass or a small fountain that will reduce the street noise and candles or solar bulbs (if lacking plugs) and achieve a completely different outdoor space.

- It is important that the decoration of the outdoor space looks like a continuation of the interior. To achieve this, wooden flooring and textile elements will provide the warmth needed. For a more 'boho' environment, place different colored items: carpets, replace chairs for armchairs, floor cushions or even a hammock.

- A storage space is always convenient so if there´s sufficient space to place a trunk or bench with a hollow space, it is always an asset.

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