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At PEACE OF MIND, we are specialist in looking after homeowners´ properties, especially who reside abroad. We offer a flexible fully range of services with the aim of providing the most professional, efficient, and reliable service to our clients:

Our PM SERVICE for leased properties includes...


From the moment the leasing begins, we become the tenant and landlord´s spokesperson for all issues related with the property its leasing. Our service releases landlords from any concerns related with the rented property. Since most of our property owners are not residents in Spain, they rely in our experience, leaving their property in our trusted hands.

We are also experts in dealing with the leasing accounting. In this case, we collect the monthly rent from the tenant and transfer it to the Landlord. In the event of a late payment, we will chase errant payers on the landlord´s behalf.


When a property is rented, property owners are requested in Madrid to transfer tenant´s deposit into the public institution IVIMA (Instituto de la Vivienda en Madrid) in order to be legally registered. At PEACE OF MIND, we deal with this procedure and request the refund or compensation once the contract ends or a new one begins, adjusting amounts in case there is a change in the rental price.


At PEACE OF MIND, we respond to any emergencies that tenants may have so they always feel assisted. We are happy to solve any kind of maintenance issues, by providing fast and effective solutions to our clients. 


The first impression that interested tenants have when visiting an apartment is crucial, so finding the property unclean, neglected, and dusty is something that, believe it or not (and unfortunately) happens very often. This, along with personal belongings "forgotten" by previous tenants, doesn´t really help to create the best impression for an effective renting.


We prepare each flat for rental so that it gives a great first vibe that fits the expectations of interested clients, making themselves feel at home for the upcoming years.


At PEACE OF MIND, we offer a property setting up, providing a cleaning quote (depending on the level needed) to be carried it out right after the previous tenant´s Check Out. We are also happy to advice on recommended arrangements as essential maintenance, so the property is always preserved in immaculate condition. We work closely with professionals in different specialties (refurbishing, decoration, maintenance, etc…) that can carefully get the property ready for the next tenant.

And should you wish to find a suitable tenant through to us,

our RENT SERVICE offers:



At PEACE OF MIND, we provide a personalized marketing assistance to achieve a fast and successful renting.


Within our services we include a market report based on current rental prices of similar properties available at that moment. This will give owners updated information of a suitable leasing price for their property.


An attractive apartment will rent faster, so our aim is to advertise it in the most attractive possible way. We use a professional photoshoot that enhances the different spaces, and apply some home staging (if needed). For properties of more than 100 m2, we can also deliver a distribution plan which will help to understand the layout and rooms distribution.


Once all these elements are ready, we publish the ad in our website and RE portals and forward it to our real estate network to boost the chances of finding the best tenant.


We supervise all viewings, keep the owner informed at all times and filter the potential tenants to achieve the aimed profile. Once we find a suitable tenant, we verify their profile by checking documents such as pay slips, recommendation letter, income statement, etc ... and if necessary, we can request some references from their previous landlords. If the tenant is a freelance, then a bank statement and the self-employment certificate will be needed, and in case of doubt we recommend to ask for a co-signer for the lease.



We adapt each new rental agreement to the latest regulations and reflect the specifications of each party.



At PEACE OF MIND, we invest a significant amount of time preparing a detailed Check-In report with the entry of each tenant.


This will be very useful to avoid any potential conflicts related with the state of the property that may arise once the lease is finished.


We inspect each room and elements in the apartment, reflecting the state of everything in a photographic inventory: walls, sockets, floors, countertops, electrical appliances, etc. Once the lease is terminated, we refer to this signed document to verify any details in case of discrepancy during the Check Out and once solved, proceed with the return of the deposit.


​In addition, we provide a home use manual with all this information and if the tenants are not from Madrid, we also have a neighborhood guide with nearby services, restaurants, supermarkets, transport, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, etc. ...



We like to welcome tenants to their new home and hand over the keys in person. That same day we explain them everything about the apartment and its appliances (such as boiler, air conditioning system, kitchen appliances, etc ...), the building regulations (rubbish collection schedule, recycling, etc ...) and any other necessary information for a smooth stay.


Once the rental agreement is finished, at PEACE OF MIND we either change the contract and direct debit to the landlord´s name or to the new tenant.


At PEACE OF MIND, we take care of registering the deposit provided by the tenant in the IVIMA (the corresponding organism in Madrid) for official registration. According to the LAU regulation, it must be registered in the IVIMA of Community of Madrid (Madrid Housing Institute within a period of 30 days after the contract is signed.


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