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27th April 2020

Tetuan, one the most attractive neighbourhood to invest in the capital of Spain


Source: EXPANSION April 27th, 2020-Yago González

Tetuan offers currently great investment opportunities. The district occupies almost the entire northwest part of Madrid, the left side of the Paseo de la Castellana: from Nuevos Ministerios up to Plaza Castilla.


It is a diverse and dynamic area with several stablished companies, contemporary renovated houses and even modern new construction. The price range oscillates from 145,000 € - significantly below new project’s prices situated in other areas of Madrid - and a maximum around 380,000 €, so the average price does not reach 250,000 €.


The rental yield is stablished around 4.3%, which is, one of the highest in the city centre. It has been, from a few years, one of the most interesting areas of Madrid to buy or invest.


The large-scale Madrid Norte project or the Skyline Project by RE company Stoneweg, will contribute to renovate Tetuán for the next upcoming years.

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